FAQ: Unique Student Identifier

Sunday, Dec 8, 2019

General questions

You can, however we recommend you let CourseSales.com do the verification for you. If a document has ‘USI Reminder’ as the step then that student needs to respond with the correct details, if you get the details another way (eg they might phone you) then you should apply the step ‘USI Reminder Response’ and let CourseSales.com verify the USI for you.

Can a student with just one name have their USI verified?

Yes, they can please see USI management.

How quickly does the USI get verified?

Our USI validation service should process your USIs within a few seconds, perhaps a minute on high demand days!

How reliable is the in-line validation of USIs on enrolment forms

The validation occurs quickly, however occasionally the service is unavailable due to USI server delay issues - if there is a delay then the form will still be accepted. This means it is essentail do do standard USI verification that triggers an email to the customer to correct.

What information is provided to the customer if the USI details are incorrect

A message is given to the customer asking them to correct their USI, birthdate, first name or surname. This information is gathered from the USI verification service.

What if I want to verify USIs manually?

You can do this - we can disable the USI verification process. You can then manually apply the USI Verified step, or not have the step at all!