Modules instead of Units of Competency

Monday, Dec 9, 2019 deals with modules and Units of Competency (UoC) differently. Some training organisations teach modules rather than UoC, these modules may be nationally recognised or not. For this reason when completing the ‘subject identifier’ field under a CS Course Category or CS Course Module you need to use a different form, with a different field to represent the subject identifier.

This is explained by NCVER as follows, TGA is

NCVER does not have a list of all the modules, [this] is because at this time the AVETMISS Standard does not differentiate between the two different type of modules (see explanation below). Because of this when the Subject Flag in the NAT60 file is “M” we cannot validate the information. Types of Modules:

  • A ‘nationally accredited unit module’ (sometimes referred to as an accredited unit.) Is nationally accredited and is often a part of an accredited course and can be found on TGA.

  • Any other ‘non-nationally accredited subject’. These will not be found on TGA, therefore there is no way to provide a list of these.

As there is no list of modules you will need to enter the subject identifier manually, and consequently set up a different form using a plain text field.

Step 1: Create the additional field, easiest way to do this is using the ‘add based on this Field’ button to the right of the existing subject identifier

Step 2: Modify the field so that it is of type ‘text’, and edit the names so it is clearly for Modules rather than UoC

Step 3: Create a new form (using the ‘add based on this Form’ button) that includes the new subject identifier field in place of the UoC list. Remember to publish the form!

Step 4: Add the course module option, save, then edit it, changing the form associated to the module via the ‘Manage this record’ and selecting the new form. Save the record.

Step 5: Edit the course module option, adding the necessary values to the fields. Save.


For each course module requiring a module the change must be made. If you have more modules than UoC then you may change the form at the top level Course Module option, meaning that you change the form for all those that use UoC, rather than modules.

Be sure you include just the ID of the modules - not the module name.

If you are modifying an existing form with data that data will be lost - be sure to record the data so you can copy it over (duplicate it) manually.