Spend more time growing your training business, less time administering it

CourseSales.com is terrific software which makes the business of selling training (including online sales) and managing a training company easier, more efficient and cheaper. For Australian RTOs we manage AVETMISS, CRICOS, HEIMS data and can do government reporting so that NAT files can be validated and submitted to NCVER. We can automatically validate USIs in the background - getting the students to update their USI data when they get it wrong! (no need to phone them to fix their errors!)

CourseSales.com has been developed by software experts who actually work in the training industry, so we understand your needs and issues.

Because CourseSales.com is sold as software as a service, it is easily affordable by even small training companies and it does not require specialist in-house information technology staff. Furthermore, we do all the maintenance and upgrades for you – as a customer, all you have to do is use the software!

CourseSales.com lets you manage the full lifecycle of your courses, letting you list courses on your web site(s), accept enquiries and registrations, and manage all customer follow-ups - as shown below.  CourseSales.com is built to be flexible, and to minimise your workload.  Unlike shopping carts that treat your courses like packets on a shelf, CourseSales.com is built specifically for training organisations.

Learn more about what CourseSales.com can do for you:

One place to manage your courses and delegates

CourseSales.com provides an event and training course sales and administration platform aimed at organisations which deliver anywhere between thirty and several hundred training courses or events each year. It's geared up for:

  • A wide variety of courses
  • Many delivery locations, even many different countries and currencies
  • Many office locations, or a virtual workforce
  • Integration with your web site

More sales, less effort

CourseSales.com helps you maximise productivity, leaving you free to focus on your training business. When you use CourseSales.com:

  • Setting the date for a course automatically publishes the course onto your website
  • Enquiries and registrations trigger an automated workflow which operates for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • You can see the status of your courses at a glance
  • Delegates can be searched and found with ease
  • Delegate contact history is available onscreen with no difficult record searches
  • Recording an action (such as sending course joining information) also carries out that action automatically
  • New types of course can be added in minutes, even if those courses are in new locations or even new countries


A good way to find out more is by exploring the key features.

We will happily answer any questions, or provide an interactive walkthrough - let us know what you would like to learn more about.