Setup Transfer Out and Transfer In

Monday, Feb 27, 2017

Being able to quickly transfer a customer from one course to another is a valuable feature within You can set up different transfer arrangements to suit your different cases, raise invoices etc.

Basic transfer out/transfer in for a registration/enrollment

Just two process steps are necessary in each case, these must be set up to use the ‘transfer out’ and ‘transfer in’ internal type respectively.

Using Process Rules

Each step set up in the above basic Transfer Out/Transfer In configuration can have a process step associated to it.

Currently to send emails only the process rule for the step ‘Transfer Out’ can be used, it has access to the new course date details, eg course category, start date, location, pricing etc. This means that if you wish to send an email to a student you must set this up on the Transfer Out step Process Rule.

Handling document topics

When you transfer a document to a new course you may wish to a) remove existing document topics for the original course and b) add the new document topics for the new course. This is possible by manually removing the old document topics during the transfer (open the blue Document topics draw after selecting the course you wish to transfer the student to) and creating a process rule for the ‘Transfer In’ process step that creates document topics. You must make sure you tick the ‘send eMails’ check box to create the new document topics.

Enquiries and registrations when transferring

Keep in mind in the above basic configuration if you decrease your registrations from the original course you are transferring from and then increase your registrations in the new course you are transferring into the effect of transferring an enquiry may not result in a desirable effect on the enquiry and registration counts on the original course. This could be an issue because in the basic set up above the transfer steps on an enquiry would not reduce the enquiry count on the from course, while decreasing the registration count in the same from course (not desirable) and increasing it in the to course (acceptable). One solution is to only transfer registrations, or make an enquiry a registration before transferring it. Another solution is to have different Transfer Out and Transfer In steps based on the different scenarios eg:

  • Enquiry to Enquiry ie moving student who are interested (but not yet confirmed their booking)

  • Registration to Registration ie for those students who registered in one course and now wish to attend another.

  • Enquiry to Registration ie for those students who showed an interest in one course but not wish to confirm registration in another

  • Registration to Enquiry ie for those students who registered on one course but are not interested (but not commited) to another course.

Transferring a customer into a new course does not automatically calculate the price difference, this can be done manually and then invoiced accordingly if you set up manual invoicing.