Different ways to advance a Process Step

Saturday, Aug 16, 2014

See also Workflow - Process Paths, Steps and Rules

There are many ways to advance a process step, the one you choose will depend on if you are interacting with an external role, needing input by the course admin.

What can a process step do?

  • Nothing

  • Increase the registration total

  • Increase the enquiry total

  • Transfer in or out

  • Confirm attendance

  • Update a document

  • Via a Process Rule

    • Export a file a) to a cvs file on an ftp server or b) to the queue

    • Create or update a contact

    • Send an email

Adding a Course Date

When a course date is added the first process step on the process path is triggered, this can be used to alert marketing to a new course being created and to request an addition to adwords or google events etc.

Adding a Document

When a document it added the process step can trigger the sending of a welcome email to the student. Usually adding of documents is via the public pages

Draft submission of a Document

If a document is saved and then updated and submitted the process step can trigger the sending of a welcome email to the student

Further submission of a Document

Documents can accumulate information in multiple submissions, triggering emails to confirm additional information being collected.

External form submission

Process steps that are triggered by external forms are usually marked as ‘automatic’ and therefore do not show on the list of process steps when editing the document or course. If an exernal link is sent via email that unique link leads to a form that can gather further information, or confirm reciept of existing information.

Document Green Flag

This is a quick way to advance the process step of a document, can’t be used with process steps that change the form, eg. enquiry to registration where the form changes. The process steps shown are limited to those that are for the form that is current. If the process step has the document form change then the subsquent process steps are assumed to use that new form, so will not appear in the Document Green Flag list. To change a form eg. enquiry to booking, you need to use the full document edit.

Editing a Document or Course Date

Clicking on the pencil ‘edit’ button when viewing the list of documents or courses enables full editing of the process steps, including changing of forms.