Workflow - Process Paths, Steps and Rules

Saturday, Apr 26, 2014 has a flexible way to construct workflows for nearly every situation.

Process Steps

Re-usable between courses to ensure terminology consistency and workflow status tracking.

Process Rules

Define emails to be sent, contacts to be created or updated and exports to be made. Which process rule to be applied can vary on course category and provider.

Process Paths

Sequence the process steps on each course master. This means that each course master can have a different a process path sequence for course dates and documents.

How does treat the different process rules?

Course dates process paths and document process paths are treated in the same way. When a process rule is found by for a specific course e.g. for a course category, it is that process rule that will be applied, along with other rules at the same level of specificity, eg. others that also are for that course category.

All other process rules ‘higher’ up the tree of specification e.g. generic rules that apply to all or many course categories, are ignored, to include these process rules recreate them to the same level of specificity, eg. for that same course category. This is to avoid accumulating huge numbers of emails while also allowing replacement of ‘higher’ up the tree emails with more specific content eg. for a course category.