Use SMS to request the completion of a form

Thursday, Oct 2, 2014
  1. Configure to use an email to SMS gateway

  2. Configure the mobile phone number fields to be the correct internal type

  3. We assume you have document forms, otherwise create new document forms.

  4. Create email to request completion of the form, including the link for the document form, we suggest using a URL shortening service

  5. Create a new role using the internal type ‘Email to SMS’

  6. Create process steps: One to request via email, the second for the form that accepts the updated information.

  7. Create process rule to send the email, sending to the Email to SMS role created above, coming from the role that uses the email that will be accepted by the email gateway, eg:branch.

  8. Add process steps to the process path


  • If you want to set up emails to alert someone of the form being completed create another process rule on the second process step, remember to add those users to the course master or course date.

  • Remember to check the functioning of the SMS messages and emails, by doing extensive testing

  • Consider what happens if someone responds by replying to the SMS - where do replies go? This is often configured at your email to SMS gateway provider.

  • Track the progress moving from requested to form completed using document status