Add a Unit of Competency (Course Module)

Saturday, Mar 11, 2017

When creating a nationally accredited training course as an Registered Training Organisation (RTO) it is necessary to set up the units of compency that the student will be studying so that the outcomes and other AVEMTISS related details can be managed. To add a Unit of Competency create a course module under Publish>Options, add using the tree view of the option ‘Course Module’. Follow this animation to see how this is done (click on it to see a larger version):

Modules not found in the subject list

Some subjects that are considered nationally accredited training are not in the subject list - these are referred to as Modules. Don’t confuse this with the Course Modules (where we define the units, as explained above). These Modules are subjects defined at a state level, and therefore need special consideration and form creation, basically to cater for this we create a special form that uses a text field rather than autocomplete on a different form for the module in question. To read more about how to do this follow this link to using Modules instead of Units of Competency.

Naming Course Modules

When naming the Course Modules consider the properties that could vary:

  • A unit of competency can be used in multiple Programs (Qualifications)

  • A unit may be delivered in a different format ie Delivery Mode; e-learning or face to face etc.

  • The same unit may be delivered for a different schedule hours period.

This means that you might wish to have different information for each, so including this data in the name of the Course Module will enable the course designer to distinguish between each.

When Units of Competency Change

It is recommended that when a unit (or module) changes or is updated you should create a new, succeeding Course Module. This will ensure the integrity of the past registrations and cause minimal disruption to existing Formats and Course Modules already linked to existing course master configurations.