Setup Summary and Name of Registation List, Document List and Contact List

Monday, Jan 15, 2018

There are a number of places where checking Name or Summary on the field from within the form will display the information, here is a summary:

Document Form

Contact Form

  • Summary - Contact List

  • Name - In the autoselect drop down when adding, editing or viewing a document, ie contact selection, if you want to search by middle name then middle name should be ‘name’ on the contact form.

Qualification Form

  • Summary - Qualification List, List inside contact of qualifications achieved

Please note:

  • If you have different Summary and Name configurations on different forms within the same form type these will display different values depending on the form they are using.

  • When using sub forms for those fields within the sub form the Summary and Name should be selected on the sub form - not on the main form, ie you can’t select an entire sub form as Summary.

  • It is not possible when using ‘Name’ to search by the Name field groups eg: Scott William Spence is the name (made up of First Name, Middle Name and Surname), you can’t search Scott William, but you can search William or Scott.

  • Name is reproduced on one line with no return or new lines between fields

  • Summary formatting is created based on the form configuration, eg if each field First Name, Middle Name and Surname start on a new line in the form then you will see this formatted as listed below. So if you wish to adjust the order of the fields that appear in the Summary or order in Name - adjust them on the form:

    Scott William Spence