Use the Schedule

Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

The Schedule, under the Contact tab is a quick way to see the courses linked to a particular user or role.

Colour coding

The grey course are completed or past cancelled courses, dark green are scheduled, light green (teal) are completed but not yet finished and blue are cancelled courses.


You can filter by user or by role. Once you have filtered by a user or role you can then filter by the other to further narrow down results. This can be useful if you have individuals with more than one role allocated to them.

How are courses displayed?

  • If a course does not have a format associated with it then it displays based on the start and end date, including all days (including weekends) as one large block.

  • If a course has a format associated with it then it displays as that format has been specified, ie if only one day is specified then only one day will be shown on the schedule, even if the end date spans 3 days.

  • Clicking on a course entry will display the documents for that course, and if associate to an event, for that event (including all course dates associated with that event)