Incorrect registration / enquiry numbers on a course

Friday, Feb 8, 2019 keeps track of the total registrations and enquiries on a course. The total is adjusted when a process step is applied to a document, eg if a step ‘Registration’ has the Effect on Registrations value of ‘Registered’ then that increases the number of registrations on the course date by one. If however the Effect on Registrations is ‘Registration Cancelled’ then the registrations on the course date decreases by one. The value of Registered documents is important as it shows on the course list (see below), is used to calculate if the course should display on the website.

We create the rules for how to increment or decrement the enquiries and registrations when we create process steps.

You can see the number of enquiries or number of registrations on the list of course dates.

How do you know which process steps add/remove documents from the enquired and registered count?

Incorrect numbers

It is easy to have a list of documents that do not match those that are listed in either of these numbers. Usually discrepancies are due to:

  • Applying a process step without a corresponding registered/registration canceled request that applies eg: the process step “USI Verified” does not mark a document as registered, For example:

  • A student is moved from enquiried to registered, but the process does not cater for removing a student from ‘enquiried’ to ‘registered’

  • Applying ‘Transfer Out’ but not the ‘Transfer In’ step meaning that you have Transferred out a student but have not transferred them into another course, ie the total registered reduces by one but the document stays on the course.

  • Cancelling a student but seeing that they remain on the document and you erroneously count them.

How to troubleshoot inconsistencies

  1. Export the documents that one course

  2. Review the Registered or Enquiried status for each document

  3. Analysed this document’s workflow status history to see where the document missed being converted to a registration or enquiry.

Self correcting

The number of registrations is self correcting through the Course Rollup service however only for scheduled, not completed, courses, read more here about how changing to complete effects services run (like Course rollup). This service checks to see the number of documents on a course date with the status ‘registered’ and adjusts the current number to that amount. To confirm that the service is running and correctly configured visit Setup>Services and view/edit the service ‘Course Rollup’ (note that the actual frequency will depend on the number of course dates due to be processed):