Adding a Document (registration/enquiry) based on a Contact

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019 keeps registration details in documents, and customer details in contact records. Contact records can be created automatically at registration, and then used to pre-populate registration forms when the administrator wishes to add a contact to a course.

Step 1

Go to contacts, and click the green plus sign button to add a document to a Course Date

Step 2

Choose to filter the display your preferred Course Date

Step 3

Add a Document as you would normally.


Step 1

Go to Course Date Index, click the green plus sign button to start adding a Document

Step 2

Choose a Contact from the list, you can type the name, company or email to find the correct contact.


  • Data only get copied from the contact to the document if:

    • The same fields are on both the Contact and the Document form
    • The fields are not Internal - eg Agreed Price, other than first name etc related to the participant.
  • You can also see all the documents associated to a contact when viewing the contact list by clicking on the folder with the arrow, the mouse over says ‘View documents’

  • You can edit the contact associated with the document by editing the ‘Contact’ field.