Wrong Documents linked to Contact

Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017

We had a question from a customer and it goes something like this:

Jane Doe (the girl I spoke to you about yesterday), re-enrolled last night in the Diploma. Earlier yesterday, I cancelled her registration in the Certificate 3. She was asking me to check to see whether she had done the registration right and it seems that I’ve overwritten someone elses' record.

If you do a contact search now on Jane Doe, you can see that 2 records come up but one of them is actually Tony Brett (you can tell by the email address). I’m not quite sure how I rectify this to ensure that I still have Tony’s record in the system!

Our answer:

  1. It is possible that you have a setting on your web browser that pre-fills in forms, that is what could be happening here.

  2. In this case don’t try and link documents to contacts yourself, let the system do it:

    • Editing the Document for Jane Doe remove the contact

    • Editing the Document for Tony Brett remove the contact

    • Editing the Document for Jane Doe apply the ‘Update Student details’ (or another step configured to update/create a contact)

    • Editing the Document for Tony Brett apply the ‘Update Student details’

Give the system a few moments to process these, now you should have all the documents related to the correct contacts, check this by searching for each contact and seeing which documents each contact links to.