Export Student Information

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018

Getting student information is helpful to communicate with them and complete additional forms that might be required as part of the training.

Trainer portal

  • Log into the trainer portal
  • Click ‘View your courses’
  • Apply the date filter to the date the student is booked on
  • Click on ‘Registration List’
  • Scan until you reach the student name, the phone number will be listed if it has been included by the course administrator/manager

If it is not listed in the Registration list then:

  • Click ‘View your courses’
  • Click ‘Course Details’
  • Students should be listed
  • Click ‘Details’ to the right of the student
  • Scan for the details you require.

Administration portal

If you have access to the administration portal do the following:

  • Navigate to Courses > Documents
  • Enter the name of the student in the left hand ‘text’ field
  • Select the correct status of the course or just choose ‘– select –’
  • The result should include the student whose details you are seeking.

Keep in mind

  • You need to have access to these areas for seeing the information to work, if you can’t then perhaps permissions need to be updated
  • Some of these sources of information depend on the configuration, advise CourseSales.com or your own configuration managers to make the necessary adjustments.