Web Services

Sunday, Dec 30, 2018

Introduction provides web services that offer information about courses, and enable users to complete online forms. offers these protocols: Web Services - Export Queue

  • REST JSON based Representational State Transfer

  • SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol, with data in a JSON format (Deprecated)

Although there are two protocols, the request content and responses are identical.

Multiple requests in one call web services are designed to handle multiple requests at one time, to minimise the number of web service calls you need to make. The requests are defined in an array, and the results are returned in another array.

Making the connection

Connection Test

The Connection Test service is provided to enable a new user to confirm they have reached the services successfully.


Provides lists of Options - such as Course Categories and Locations. This information is useful for populating search parameters or menus on a web site.

Course Dates

Provides information about scheduled public Course Dates that match the search terms.

Forms (Document)

Provides online forms for the user to complete, or accepts completed forms for processing.


Provides data from the Export Queue which can then be processed into other systems - eg accounting or CRM systems.