Survive an Audit

Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017

Whether you are an Australian RTO or a Singapore based training company you no doubt have audits for some or all of your training. Here are some tips about how to impress them using

Auditors are interested in the learner journey, they are particuarly interested in things like reminders to make the student’s experience more plesant, and easier while they are attending the course, seeing when these steps occured, if where possible they are automated to ensure consistency and that it is not subject to human error ie forgetfulness, then this is all the better. The following helps the auditors see these attempts to enhance the student experience in action on past students - impress them by showing them the following:

Audit feature

This tells you when and who made changes to nearly every element within

Version control

This is based on contact and document records, indicating the changes made to each.

Version control for exams/quizzes

If you are using quizzes to gather student results from CPR/First Aid or Language Literacy and Numeracy external forms then you can use the trainer portal to scan the results of these, and see changes after each attempt.

Status History

This is the magnifying glass with + sign, that shows you a list of workflow process steps that have been applied for a Document or Course Date. You can use this to see what steps were applied when and by whom. It also tells you if emails were sent and if so when.