Hosting of Learning Management Systems eg Moodle, Atutor, Eliademy

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019

At we understand that smooth running of your registration and online course delivery is important. Having your LMS or student management system down means lost revenue. LMS like Moodle are very resource intensive, for this reason we encourage dedicated servers located close to a fast and secure ‘backbone’ internet connection. By using Moodle servers you will be located on the same network as us - so the network connection between the two applications is fast. We will also manage nightly backups. Updates to your dedicated server can be synchronised with so that they stay working. We do NOT host dedicated Moodle servers for customers who are not using We provide free email support for those wishing to follow our support documentation

Basic dedicated server

Will handle low to moderate loads, but may respond slowly from time to time if there are many users on at the same time; $3,625 per year (4 CPU, 15gb memory with 80gb storage, located in Sydney)

Advanced dedicated server

Will handle moderate to high loads and multiple students accessing more complex data; $6,960 per year (8 CPU, 15gb memory with 100gb storage, located in Sydney)

Server configuration

Configuration of backups, software, security patches, integration with, mail, domain management, required modules and functions to deliver service required for customers, 40 hours of setup work @$120/hour, $4,800 initial configuration.

Ad hoc Maintenance and support

Security checks, version upgrades, configuration changes etc. @$120/hour

Data transfer

Included up to 100 Gb/month, $20 per 100 Gb/month after that.

Plugins license for Moodle On-going license costs are $50/month.


  • Configuration billing: 50% payment in advance, 50% payment upon completion.

  • License & server billing: in advance at time of annual license payment or arrears when paid monthly.

  • Ad hoc support & Data transfer billing: in arrears, support billed in one hour increments

  • Other advanced features like Secure Connections (https://) are in addition to above

  • All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST

  • Prices do not include creating of course content or Moodle configuration beyond functioning with

Prices to compare against: (note that this offering is NOT a dedicated server)