Events - when to use them

Sunday, Aug 16, 2015

Scenarios where events are useful

You sell a 5 day event in different ways. The 5 day course may include first a 3 day beginner course and then a 2 day advanced course, these can be sold as 3 products:

  • 3 day beginner
  • 2 day advanced
  • 5 day comprehensive; beginner & advanced

Having these spit out as different course dates means that you have the option to sell at different prices, eg 3 day may cost $3000, the 2 day might cost $2000 but the 5 day might cost $4000, a discount of $1000 for buying the full 5 days. You may also want these grouped because the same trainer or same venue is being used for each date. We suggest that to communicate with one trainer or one venue contact (via course date process steps) that you choose one course with which to do that, eg the 5 day course.

Other reasons why you may wish to use Events

  • Documents on the same event are included on the same registration list, ie each registration is listed under its respective course date
  • Course dates are grouped together, even if many days apart, so you can managed them quickly

Keep in mind

  • Course dates can only be in one Event. If you link a Course Date to one event, then link it to another event, only the second link will exist.

  • If an event has all Course Dates removed then it disappears.