Add a Login and Roles

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019

Logins allow people to use, with a username and password, logins also control permissions through roles and enable emails to be sent to and from those with logins. This instructional video includes steps to add logins, and link those logins to roles.

Sending notification emails

When you sign up a login that has an email, login and password you can send a notification email by selecting “Email this person their account details?”. The email sent includes the URL and the username. It does not supply the password, the user will have to get that from the administrator some other way.

The email sent looks like this:

Dear Mary,

Welcome to This email provides the link to log in and start using the service.

Your username is: mary.jones
You may login to the system at this web address:

Please contact me to get your password, or if you have any problems logging in.


Scott Spence
+61 (0)4 2424 0684

Premium email services

If you wish to use the premium email sending services select “Uses premium outbound email services”, which have a greater success of delivery and are less likely to be treated as spam, charges might apply if you send more than 2000 emails per month.

Criteria for usernames and passwords

  • Usernames must have more than 6 numbers or letters but less than 50

  • Passwords must have a minimum of 6 characters made up of at least:

    • 1 Capital letter
    • 1 Lowercase letter
    • 1 Number number
    • 1 Special character: !@#$%^&*()-_=+{};:,<.>

Unsuccessful login attempts of 3 or more result in a locked account, only unlocked by an administrator.

Remember to assign a role to the login after you create it to ensure that the individual gets the correct permissions. If you don’t the user will see just a blank menu - and not be able to do anything in the admin portal. To set up trainers so they can’t get access to any of the admin portal options use a role with no permissions, this will however mean the trainer can’t download the registration list either.