Move to AWS managed services payment methods and AVETMISS updates version: 7.07
Move to AWS managed services payment methods and AVETMISS updates
Version 7.07
Released 13 June 2021
Moved to managed services - Hostopia
This is a managed service provided by Hostopia who work closely with Amazon, to optimise our servers and provide services that improve reliability, security and backups.
Boost sSecurity, reliability and improved up-time
Compliance officer
Funding Source National now includes additional options, qualification inclusion has been refactored for improvements
Improved Government Reporting
User defined filtering
Course Administrator
It is now possible to save specific filtering criteria that ensure default values are selected after each view.
User experience has been automated
Bypass step for payment method
Course Administrator
If you have some customers selecting invoice then we can bypass to note this as a ‘Paid’ Step rather than leaving it hanging and requiring a manual update
payment handling automation
NAB payment functionality
Website manager
Supporting NAB transact payments means that failures and simplified payment methods are now available to those taking credit card payments online
Website managers
Additional Postcode list
Course administrator
Create a separate list of postcodes that is for residential addresses only rather than including post boxes
Improved reporting, less government reporting errors
New status: Completed
Course administrator
Documents/enrolments can now be completed, not just registered or cancelled - this increases the level of reporting possibilities and rule applications
Automation and reporting