Email lists and transfer enhancements version: 7.05
Email lists and transfer enhancements
Version 7.05
Released 23 October 2020
Updated lists of countries in long lists
The list of countries has been updated and needed revision with new entries and name changes.
RTO Reporting
Topic Handling during transfer
Course administrator
Change in function: During transfer Document Topics with Start Dates in the past are left alone, Document Topics with Start Dates in the future that have a matching Course Topic on the new Course Date are automatically transferred to the new Course.
Automated Topic handling
Attendance reporting feature implemented
Course Administrator
You may wish to get a report about a student’s attendance from portal or admin recorded data.
Emails with IF statements
Course Administrator
IF statement feature example: {{[Document:DocumentAgentId]|=|0|You did not book through an Agent|Your agent is: [DocumentAgent:DisplayNameGiven]}}
Advanced personalisation
Summary status in Admin pages and Trainer portal
Course Administrator and Trainer
The status of the document displaying the process steps completed and due can be displayed at the top of a document within the admin pages and trainer portal
Workflow management
Passing tags via links
Website manager
Using an extension on the URL you can track where links have come from in Wordpress and public pages eg: URL?query&tag[]=2&tag[]=6
Advertising analytics
Embed course list using Javascript
Website manager
Rather than using our Wordpress plugin use this javascript to integrate into your website.
Take online bookings
Fail step on forms
Curriculum Manager
If a student fails a scoring form then an automated process can be applied.
Improved scoring
Auth 2.0 for Xero plugin
Security Manager
Improved security management for Xero connections
Improved security
Persistent forms
Course Administrator
Data stored in forms is now kept with the enrolment for use on other future forms
Improves data maintenance
Form field visibility by audience
Course Administrator
How fields and fields on forms can have visibility managed on a per audience basis, extended now to hidden and readonly fields.
Improves form validation and security
Bulk change filtering and update fields
Course Administrator
Total places and enhanced filtering has been provided for when bulk updating course dates
Improves efficiency in updating course dates
Encrypted text field type
Course Administrator
Store data that requires added security eg Victoria student numbers, also added VSN validation
Meets security requirements of training authorities
Database enhancements
Added distribution of load to read-only database replica, refactored internal lists to use constants
Improved performance and database integrity
Case modification to fields
Enabled silent case modification. Options are: uppercase, lowercase & capitalize
Reduced manual updates to capitalisation
Bulk update of documents
Course Administrator
If you need to send multiple certificates out to many students, or update many student’s with a specific email or step
Reduces manual effort
Duplicate document detection
Course Administrator
To prevent the same student from enrolling many times you can scan the name, data of birth and unique id to refuse additional bookings
Improves efficiency
Language definitions
Course Administrator
It is possible to modify the names on buttons and labels within the administration pages of
Customise for your organisation
Manage total places
Course Administrator
Total places can be managed across multiple courses by grouping in an event
Customise for your organisation