Trainer Portal enhancements, and features for agents selling your courses version: 6.48
Trainer Portal enhancements, and features for agents selling your courses
Version 6.48
Released 29 June 2016
Trainer Portal enhancements
Trainers will love our trainer portal improvements; displaying just those courses that are current in the past month along with a filter.
Easier to use and faster!
Customised look and feel gets a boost
Website maintainers
We also have an example ‘red style’ for you to see what is possible for your look and feel. A customised look and feel costs AUD$200.
Improved marketing look and feel
Registration for courses without a date
Training Managers
There are many reasons why you might not have a date for a course: An e-learning course where students set their own pace, they start when they join and complete when they have completed the assessments Prospective students outside of your normal location, where the delivery will occur once there is sufficient interest Topics of interest that have not got sufficient interest to warrant a scheduled course Students who have had to postpone a course, or been bumped off a course due to a cancellation but are unsure which dates or locations will suit them best.
Improved management
Paypal SSL Certificate Upgrade to SHA-256
Security Managers
The script provided by PayPal, confirms that VeriSign’s ‘Class 3 Public Primary - G5 is identified to be in the certificate chain files on both our test and production (live) servers. Additionally we have confirmed that our operating environment (Ubuntu 14.04) supports SHA 256 certificates.
Meeting new security compliance requirements
Paypal TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade
Security Managers
As recommended by PayPal we have confirmed it is working in test, and when enabled and migrated it will work in production and migrated as expected
Meeting new security compliance requirements
Instant Payment Notification (IPN) support for PayPal
Finance Managers
Without using IPN each Paypal payment is pending confirmation, this means it has not been confirmed as successful. Enabling IPN along with Auto Return for Website Payments means you can confirm payments and provide a seamless experience for customers (2443).
More secure payment processing
Trainer portal
Now the ‘view your courses’ defaults to a search one week before the current date, to one month ahead of the current date. This means there is a very short download time, there is also a filter that enables the trainer to choose the date period to view.
Improved use
Time-based process steps
Workflow managers, Administrators
This is a long awaited feature that takes automation to another level. Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions: Can I send an automatic payment reminder to those who have not yet paid? Can I send automatic requests for feedback to students after a course? Can I automatically remind students about the course venue and start time coming up? Can I automatically send an reminder email to those who have not yet confirmed their USI or given us their AVETMISS details? Then this is the feature for you - which can do all of these things. (1163).
Automation to reduce effort to manage training
Agent selling
Finance managers, Partner managers
We are now offering configuring CourseSales for sales by agents, they can incorporate your listing of courses on their site, or a subset of your courses, eg by location or course category. The Agent can use their own payment method, have emails tailored for those who book via their website and have their own terms and conditions and pricing.
Increase sales
Exporting from Course Dates
Marketing Managers
This now means that course related triggers, eg LinkedIn promotions, or Facebook promotions that are course (not student/document specific) can be triggered with ease. (2499).
Exporting for Facebook promotions etc are easier
Short URLs
Marketing Managers
Google’s short URL service is now supported on process rules where emails can be sent. This means the most can be made from the limited character support when sending text messages. (2417)
Reduce costs of sending text messages
Design and appearance changes
Designers and Configuration Managers
New CSS identifiers for No Record Found message (2532), payment methods (2534), The Trainer portal now includes improved classes to distinguish between different course date statuses, including past, current and scheduled. Minor fixes to extranet forms and the ‘ForName’ id, and extranet forms now distinguished separately from other forms. The registration list within the trainer portal is now responsive to mobile devices (2544). Different portals have unique ids, ie student and trainer portals can now have unique customization.
Greater control over the customer website experience
Minor changes
The trainer portal can update topics as well as the admin portal (2536). Fixed default date for actions (2539), raw index view for status (2484), Process step filters now include name, label, short label and internal type (2528), public forms will now hide the form text along with the box. (2105) Surcharge is now correctly calculated (2516)