Automation release: Postcodes and Facebook groups version: 6.47
Automation release: Postcodes and Facebook groups
Version 6.47
Released 15 March 2016
Postcode automatic validation
While our default validation is for Australian postcodes related to USI/AVETMISS submission the same process could be used for any postcode/locality database. You could even use other databases including customer account lists and membership lists, just contact us to see how it could help you.
Improves form validation and reporting
Facebook Group automation
Marketing Manager
Training is a social event - people getting together to talk about a specific topic. Naturally everyone on a course has a common interest in the topic at hand. Why not use this to form a bond between participants and the trainer? By using social media it is possible to increase loyalty and create a following for repeat business. If you can involve students in posting messages this will increase the chance of them making referrals to others to attend your training. can automatically create facebook groups tailored for your courses, and notify the trainer/facebook maintainer about these to monitor and reply to messages.
Improves client communication