AVETMISS Update, USI date validation, Postcodes

CourseSales.com version: 6.44
AVETMISS Update, USI date validation, Postcodes
Version 6.44
Released 6 February 2015
Topics and Units of Competency, AVETMISS reports
RTO Managers
You can link multiple units of competency to one course, this is done via the format on the course master. When a course date is created you can optionally create the topics on the course date, which inturn includes the course modules and units of competency. If you use this way to include multiple units of competency then you do not need to use course categories (which only list one unit of competency). This is integrated with AVETMISS
Smooths AVETMISS reporting
Name for Encryption
RTO Managers
If you do not fill in this field, or it is absent from the form we now use the First Name and Surname fields (as indicated by their ‘internal type’) to construct it and submit as part of AVETMISS reporting. We do not fill in the field for you, we just include it in the AVETMISS NAT files. Should you include a value in the field then we don’t generate that field.
Reduces effort by RTO Managers
Date Validation for USI
RTO Managers
A date of birth needs to show that someone is 11 years old or older. This validation checks the value on the registration form, ensuring that people enter a birth date that matches this requirement.
Filters data related information for AVETMISS reporting
Validate Queensland Postcodes
Queensland Training Organisations
Do you have funding or delivery requirements to confirm that students are from Queensland? This validates against the actual list of postcodes (not just numbers 4000-4999)
Ensures that customers match a particular address location