Unique Student Identifier (USI), Enhanced PDF generation & Moodle integration

CourseSales.com version: 6.43
Unique Student Identifier (USI), Enhanced PDF generation & Moodle integration
Version 6.43
Released 25 November 2014
Unique Student Identifier (USI)
Australian RTOs who need to validate USIs
To support the USI CourseSales now supports using the USI as a login identifier when creating contacts, for student portals and Moodle logins. There is also now a special USI validator that confirms the ID entered meets the following criteria: All characters are a combination of upper case (A—H, J—N, P—Z) and numbers (2—9), and will not include the characters ‘0’, 1’, ‘I’ or ‘O’.The Unique student identifier must be exactly ten digits long. Included is on-the-form guidance to students about how to apply for their USI, and guidance to the course administrator on how to verify a USI. An automated bulk USI validation tool is also available that uses Selenium.
Improved data gathering and exporting
Enhanced PDF generation
Content Designers for Certificates and Invoices
using HTML purifier that applies a stricter view of HTML to avoid XSS attacks. This is a security protection and performance improvement measure. Please check all PDF appearances after the update, you can use our new download PDF direct feature (see below).
Improved content creation
Moodle integration
E-learning providers using Moodle
using three Moodle plugins user’s credentials can now be replicated and maintained in Moodle from CourseSales. Registrations are maintained and completion of courses can be notified to trigger CourseSales process steps.
Automated and easy to use e-learning
Schedule View of courses
Administrators managing courses
This is based on the values in format, so to break a course into fewer days between the start and end date (excluding weekends for example) each day of training needs to be included in the course format.
Quick and easy view of a calendar representation of courses
Trainer Portal
Using the trainer’s login and password set within login trainers can have access to the courses that they are scheduled to deliver, and the student details on those courses.
Easy way for trainer to access student and course information
Student Portal
Students can set a password at registration. Using the unique identifier when the contact is created and this password students can view the courses they are registered for, edit their contact details and check in to the course in advance of arriving.
Improved student experience
Online Payment Methods
Finance and Configuration Managers
eg. Paypal, eWay. Now support amount in cents to meet eway field expectations
Expanded online transaction processing
External Document ID
Administrators and Trainers
Included Registration list & sorted alphabetically by last name.
Easier to work with students
Download dynamic PDF
Download direct from coursesales.com eg. invoices and certificates.
Time saving for invoices etc
Spell checking
Enabled for all HTML content fields, providing that you modify your browser setting to use a spell checker
Improved display of content
New time field
Added for when a process step was made Status:StatusTimestampDate.
Flexible and accurate invoice dates and times
Improvements in public pages
Use javascript to customise public pages with unique footers and headers, and layout improvements for future integrations.
Improved customer experience
Multiple Topics (Modules or Unit of Competency) per course date.
Configuration Managers for RTOs
This gives RTOs unprecedented flexibility in adding and removing units of competency to a course and document so that different registrations on the same course can be linked to different competencies. This can also be used to vary the trainer delivering the course. The next release will incorporate this into AVETMISS reporting and field variables to be included in emails and PDFs.
Enabled for AVETMISS reporting on multiple UoC ie full Qualifications
Selenium Scripts
Configuration Managers
These scripts are those that we use to test the software is working as expected. if you wish to use these to test your own version of coursesales please let us know. These scripts can also be used to automate the addition of data, set up and other items that might involve lots of manual work otherwise. Contact Scott.spence@coursesales.com for further information.
Improved migration and reduces testing efforts