Resizable windows version: 6.21
Resizable windows
Version 6.21
Released 16 August 2011
Dialogs replace light boxes
Course administrator
Only one pop-up window could be shown at a time, the pop-up obscured part of the page and users could not resize the window. With the new implementation you may open several dialogs at one time on a page, as well as move and resize them.
More flexibility in how you explore and update information
Open new pages from anywhere
Course administrator
You may now right-click or CTRL click to open links in a new tab / window
More flexibility in how you explore and update information
Resolved a problem that could occur with how status records save when a public user converts an enquiry into a registration
Course administrator
In some instances when a public user converted an enquiry into a registration the status record would not save correctly; resolved.
Bug fix
Browser compatibility
Resolved some differences in functionality and appearance with older browsers and some versions of Internet Explorer
More consistent screens across browsers
Wider use of autocomplete fields
The majority of combo boxes (drop down lists) now use autocomplete fields (fields that automatically search for matches, so you don’t need to scroll through long lists)
Filter views and enter information more quickly
Clarify some validation messages and labels
Improvements to validation messages and field labels on certain screens
Easier to use
Resolve large reports sometimes timed out
Business manager
Reports containing a large number of records (over 3,000 Documents) did not complete successfully
Bug fix
Allow duplication of Process Rules
You may now create new Process Rules starting with an existing rule.
Create Process Rules more quickly