Edit documents

CourseSales.com version: 4.73
Edit documents
Version 4.73
Released 11 August 2009
Data about Documents, and the Course they relate to, can be extracted to .csv
Management Configuration Course Listings
In the past it has been possible to get a list of all the scheduled courses in CourseSales.com into a tilde separated format that can be imported into a spreadsheet. This release makes it possible to get a similar list of Documents and the accompanying Course information.
Facilitates analysis of the data
Edit Documents
Sales Agent Course Administrator

Until now Documents (enquiries and registrations) were frozen at the point they were first submitted. This new feature provides the ability to edit documents while retaining a full history and audit trail.


  • Edit any field

  • CourseSales.com keeps a complete copy of the document before and after the change

  • User ID, timestamp and notes are kept

  • Audit trail highlights which fields were changed

Update documents with corrections to contact details etc
Lite version of the Registration Form for free courses
Sales Agent Configuration
If a course price is zero, then a shorter version of the Registration Form is automatically used. This version eliminates the invoicing section, and bypasses the terms and conditions step.
Faster, easier registration where payment is not required