Generic File Management and Auto Workflow version: 4.72
Generic File Management and Auto Workflow
Version 4.72
Released 21 July 2009
New Generic File Upload, Categorisation and retrieval process
Web Content Publisher Course Listing Configuration

Until now files uploaded into were restricted to those intended to be show in the public course schedule. These files were stored on a file server, separately to the other data - which created software configuration problems.

In this release:

  • A new way to upload files

  • Storage in the same database as the data

  • Generic classification process - so files can be uploaded for any purpose

More flexible file management
Automatic update of Process Steps based on external users' responses
Configuration has long been able to send emails automatically based on the actions a customer or administrator take. This release now lets it take action based on what people receiving these emails do.

In this release:

  • Outbound emails can include one or more links that can be used to trigger auto workflow

  • When a user clicks one of these links an email is sent to a specific email address for processing

  • will read these emails, validate the content according to a set of rules, and if they pass validation change the Process Step on the Document the email relates to

  • Where an auto workflow email does not pass validation an email will be sent to the Sales Agent alerting them to the issues so they can take action manually

Enable automated workflow with external parties and eliminate manual work