Centralised Course Descriptions

CourseSales.com version: 4.71
Centralised Course Descriptions
Version 4.71
Released 29 June 2009
Course Descriptions are now stored separately from Course Dates
Web Content Publisher Course Listings Configuration

Until now each Course Date has had its own description, and these descriptions could not include HTML formatting.

With this release Course Descriptions can be written once and reused across any number of courses. The new descriptions can also use HTML for formatting, so for the first time they can use their own fonts, colours and layout. You may also include images and links.

Each Course Template will link to the default description for that type of course. Each Course Date will inherit the default description, however you may change the description on an individual Course Date.

Now that descriptions are written once and then used where they are needed, when you edit a description the change appears instantly on all Course Dates that use that description - so change management requires a great deal less effort.

Write more complete, attractive Course Descriptions and reuse them whereever is appropriate

Change Course Descriptions much more quickly

Move a Course Date to another Course Template
Course Listings Configuration

Several aspects of how a Course Date appears on a public web site are controlled from the Course Template.

This feature lets you move a particular Course Date to another Template so it will inherit features of that Template.

Adjust scheduled course listings more easily