Login and Security

CourseSales.com version: 4.70
Login and Security
Version 4.70
Released 4 June 2009
New login screen
All users
User will login using a new login screen to gain access to the administrative functions
Better security
New Individual records
All users

Each user of the system is now entered as an Individual, and this functionality is how our new security model is administered - Individuals have:

  • User IDs (optional)

  • Passwords

  • Role

  • Preferred home page

Individuals will typically belong to a Provider, and if they are set up this way then they will only be able to see records that belong to that Provider.

An Individual’s role is related to the Left Hand Menu - each role can have its own version of the Left Hand Menu, so they only need to see the items that relate to them.

Roles are configured in a new Configuration Table called Roles.

The Left Hand Menu has its own administration screens that let you list which roles can see any particular menu item.

Better security