Process Steps version: 4.50
Process Steps
Version 4.50
Released 17 March 2009
Documents can now follow a series of pre-defined Process Steps, each of which can trigger automated emails through Customer Events

Any Document can now have Process Steps - a list of tasks and activities that can occur in its lifecycle.

Process Steps are now also the basis on which Customer Events are triggered.

This is an extremely powerful change, it lets you define your own workflow for enquiries and registrations, see where each one is at in that workflow, and as you move a document to a new status will automatically carry out any instructions you have setup in Customer Events.

For example, if you have a Process Step - Send Joining Instructions - then setting a registration to that step can cause an email with all the Joining Instructions to be sent automatically to the customer.

Track status online, and in the process carry out automated actions
Add enquiries or registrations on the administrative site
Sales Agent

Presently enquiries and registrations can only be entered in the system on the public web site, and they automatically cause any emails configured for those document types to be sent.

This release adds enquiry and registration functionality to the administrative part of so users do not have to go to the public site, and so that automated emails will not be sent.

Add enquiries or registrations without automatic emails being sent
Ask 'how did you find us' once
Sales Agent

The enquiry or registration field ‘how did you find us’ appears whenever one of these forms is displayed. However, if someone enquires and then registraters, we may already have captured this information.

This release changes the behaviour so we only ask how they found us if we do not already have the information. If they answered the question on an enquiry, we do not ask it again on a registration."

A better user experience