Short URLs and Customer Found Us version: 4.32
Short URLs and Customer Found Us
Version 4.32
Released 10 February 2009
Enable conversion of any short URL to any real URL

When you publicise a URL, e.g. in a print advertisement, you would prefer one that is short and easy to use. This feature lets you add a URL in the form - YourSite/mycourse/FreeText - and tell where you want it to forward to. This is similar to the way tinyurl works.

This is implemented as a new Configuration Table called my courses."

Use short URLs to take customers anywhere on your public site
Store a customer's answer to the question - how did you find us
The online enquiry and registration forms ask how a customer found us, but this information is not presently stored with the Document. This change means that information will now be stored with the Document, and can therefore be reported on in the future.
Facilitate analysis of customers