Check attendance using the kiosk

Monday, Apr 29, 2019

Kiosk is for students sign in when they arrive at a course, this is a portal that the trainer logs into, then allows students to enter their External Reference Id to validate their details. This has the added benefit of enabling the capture or correction of information by using a form with new or existing fields

Setting up the kiosk

The kiosk is enabled on your site, you just need to create a username with internal type ‘kiosk’ and then provide that username and password to trainers.

The kiosk URL that you can use on tablets is https://[shortname]

You also need to create a step of internal type ‘attending’ which will be used to check students into the class.

The trainer hands the tablet around to the attendees who use their document external reference number to check in to the course and confirm their details.

This can be a way to gather additional details on the form at the time of attendance by creating a new form that has the necessary fields and mandatory settings.