AVETMISS Reduced Reporting to Full Reporting

Monday, Jan 1, 0001

** This documentation is old and no longer relevant - please search for other documentation**

For the majority of Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that were granted reduced reporting exemptions these expired on 1 January 2018 - this means that your CourseSales.com configuration may have to change to gather full AVETMISS data. Below we offer a few suggestions of how you could manage this change.

These RTOs are likely to deliver high volume, low margin courses wanting the minimal administration possible by delivering a quick, efficient service. All the while minimising additional costs/effort customers and staff.

Option 1: Add additional AVETMISS fields into the current enrolment form.

  • Pros Just one form to complete, easy to get everything in one go, little effort to change.

  • Cons The form could be prohibitively large for some customers, slowing down the sale process and therefore be a barrier to purchase.

Option 2: Introduce a two steps form: initial short form with essential information, with a second comprehensive form.

  • Pros Lower the barrier to purchase.

  • Cons Another step for the customer, that might add to an existing multistep process, and could delay confirming the unique student identifier (though this can be validated after the course), greater effort to change.

Steps to make the change:

Option 1

This option would be live immediately (and if continuing to Option 2 will be the interim solution until the Option 2 actions are complete)

Knowledge required


The fields already exist, add the following to your existing contact and document forms (in that order), for each save & publish:

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Labour Force Status Identifier

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Country Identifier

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Prior Educational Achievement Identifier

  • AVETMISS 7.0 At School Flag and

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Highest School Level Completed Identifier

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Language Identifier

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Disability Type Identifier

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Year Highest School Completed

  • AVETMISS 7.0 Proficiency in Spoken English Identifier.

NB: if you have updated to AVETMISS 8, then:

  • For those RTOs who do State reporting, add the fields as above. Save and publish the contact and document forms.

  • For those RTOs who do National reporting, add the fields as above, but you do not need to add the Year Highest School Completed or Proficiency in Spoken English Identifier fields. Save and publish the contact and document forms.

  • For those RTOs who deliver in schools (state reporting), add the fields as above, and also add AVETMISS 8.0 School Type Identifier to existing contact and document forms (in that order). Save and publish the contact and document forms.

If the field AVETMISS 7.0 Reduced Reporting is on the Module form, then remove this field.


  • Remember to add the fields to all registration and student information forms - including USI forms, and contact forms.

  • Take the opportunity to change the field names, adding guidance and tool tips to help your customers.

  • Consider setting mandatory fields and default values.

Option 2

The following option assumes you have performed Option 1 above prior to undertaking this option.

See here to undertake this option: Multi-step Registration Workflow

Frequently asked questions

I have already started collecting data that is reduced reporting, ie not complete - will this be a problem?

Currently when data is not collected CourseSales.com includes the expected absence value eg ‘Not Specified’ or @ to indicate this was not provided by the client.

When should I make this change?

As soon as possible. The grace period was apparently in the last 6 months of 2017.