Enquiries and Registrations

This shows the online forms functions that let public users enquire and register for a course place.

Sample Enquiry Form

This screenshot shows part of an enquiry form.

Our point and click form editor lets you create your own fields and lay them out on a form - so your version of this form can have your own unique fields and layout.

You may also include fields with options, such as the 'How did you find us' list on this screen. CourseSales.com lets you create your own lists and then include them on forms.

Sample Registration Form

This screenshot shows a sample registration form.

Our form editor also allows you to group fields into sections.

You may also create parts of forms as sub-forms that can be defined once, and then included in several other forms.  This is particularly useful for address fields.

Sample invoicing information

This screenshot shows more of a sample registration form.

Payment options can vary by Course Master, according to the lists you define.

On this form the checkbox 'Invoicing details are the same' has caused the Invoice details section to be hidden automatically.

The terms and conditions can also vary by Course Master.

Example of form validation

This screenshot shows an enquiry form after validation.

Our form editor lets you decide which fields should be compulsory.