More flexible content areas, different Terms and conditions for different prices, default values on Forms

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 24, 2014





Promotional Content

Content Publisher

You may now divide content across up to six content areas. This is useful for example if you wish to merge Course Description content into different parts of an Email.

More flexible web, email and PDF layouts

Different Terms and Conditions for different Course Prices

Configuration Manager

Release 6.33 made it possible to have multiple Course Prices on a single Course Date. This release makes it possible to associate different Terms and Conditions with those prices

More flexible, easier to reuse content across courses

Default values on list fields

Configuration Manager

It is now possible to set default values for fields such as radio buttons, list boxes, autocompletes, payment methods

Make it easier for users to complete forms

Daily cash report


A new report has been added to the report section that breaks down the income by sales agent each day

Greater visibility of financial transactions, and an ability to do a cash balance

Create a booking from an existing contact

Course Administrators

It is now easy to create a new booking for an existing customer, pre-filling the form with the content they provided last time

Faster bookings

Self-service password reset

All Users

A password reset process has been implemented on the login page. This is available to users who have setup both an email address and a mobile phone number - as the new password is split into two, with one half sent to the email address and one half as a message to the mobile phone.

Less administration

Bug fixes

All Users

Fixed these: Financial charts for a Course Date did not always show. Number of available places on a course could sometimes calculate incorrectly.