Built-in Public Course Listings, Catalog Groups, Variable Pricing

Built-in Public Course Listings, Catalog Groups, Variable Pricing
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Item Audience Description Benefits

Built-in integration with your public website

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Display a list of your courses and take registrations directly on your web site. Instructional video

Easily include course listing on your public web site

Directly edit information where it is used

  • Configuration

Previously if you wanted to edit CourseSales.com information you might need to leave what you are doing, find that information, and open it for editing. Now in many parts of CourseSales.com you can open a pop-up window to edit information without leaving the page you are working on. Instructional video

Easier to edit information

Catalog Groups

  • Configuration

Previously Catalog Items were linked one by one to each Course Master or Course Date. Now you may define lists of Catalog Items, and use those lists on as many Course Masters or Course Dates as you like. Instructional video

Much easier to administer Catalog Items

More flexible Form sections

  • Configuration

You may now define Forms with multiple fields, groups of fields or sections that can be hidden with a named identifier. You can also add instructional text for a section or group. Instructional video

Easier to make your forms dynamic

Alternative pricing

  • Managers

You may now have more than one price on the same Course Date. This enables you to specify account pricing, discounts, or alternative prices for different sales channels. Instructional video

Much more flexibility in pricing

Speed improvements

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Some significant speed improvements on heavily used pages

More responsive

Minor improvements and bug fixes

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  • Alerts to external links fixed with more informative messages
  • Numerous filtering functions improved, more detailed searching like title and label on content and formats, and locations for documents
  • Removed ability to save blank fields on a form or other lists of items like catalogs.
  • Improved functionality with Internet Explorer and editing options - with upgrade of third party javascript code (JQuery).
  • Terminology standardisation and filter arrangement standardisation.
  • Registration list so you can take attendance, available from Course Dates or Events
  • Email and PDF content types now require short content
  • Various improvements on PDF generation
  • Process steps: various improvements on preview
  • Tweaks to generating email replaceable variables
  • Payment method URL replaceable fields are now defined, and instructions provided

Better usability