Manage courses

Manage courses helps you manage course venues, resourcing and the sales pipeline.


Venue information

The salient information about a venue can be stored once in and reused for each course at the venue. You can specify:
  • The room the course will use
  • The full street address
  • A link to the venue's web site

Integrated Google mapping lets your delegates and your staff locate the venue easily - often along with information about transportation (bus, train, tram, subway stops) and landmarks.

Allocate resources lets you assign people to a course in various roles.  A typical usage scenario is:
  • Allocate a trainer
  • Allocate an administrator
  • Allocate an emergency contact
  • Allocate a contact at the venue

You may add as many different roles as you find useful.  Multiple people can share the same role (e.g. the trainer could also be the emergency contact).  Information about these people can then be shared with delegates through your standard email templates - e.g. the emergency contact's phone number.

Manage demand and profitability lets you work proactively to manage demand and profitability:
  • Views are provided that let you see in real time how many enquiries and registrations have been received for a course
  • 'Special text' lets you highlight the course on your web site with a sales message
  • You can discount the course price, which will make the course show up in the lists of discounted courses, and the way the pricing is displayed on the public web site can highlight its discounted status
  • You can also indicate how long a price is valid for - setting a deadline for people who might wish to purchase at that price
  • You may adjust the description of the course to highlight any special offers
  • You may highlight the course in the News section of your web site, using news features.

For more information on pricing functionality see Pricing.

Keep track with notes

You may record notes on each course date for your own reference and to let other people in your organisation know any news you have or decisions you have taken about the course.  A full audit trail is kept of these notes with a time stamp and user name.

Change venue lets you change a course venue in one easy step, and you can also configure an email to send to the delegates letting them know about the new venue.  This can be very useful for example if you need to move a course that is selling well to a larger venue.