Manage delegates

Manage delegates

Once a customer has registered  on a course, helps you manage all the steps before, during and after the course.  You can use the information provides in combination with its automation features to produce, repeatable high quality service regardless of personnel, course type or location.

Course joining instructions and pre course reading

You can define your own process steps, email content and file attachments and reuse that content wherever appropriate. Typical usage scenarios are:
  • Joining instructions - define an attractive personalised email which uses information from the database like the customer's name, the course name and all the course venue information, and use this email with your courses regardless of location, duration or course type.
  • Combined joining instructions and pre course reading - define an attractive email which uses information from the database like the customer's name, the course name, all the course venue information and all the pre course reading (as links to a web site, or as files attached to the email).

    This sort of email will usually be suited to a specific course type - and you can easily configure to send it only for that type.

  • Reminder email before the course - define a reminder email that is sent a week or two before the course starts, repeating the logistics information for the course.

You can define any number of process steps and accompanying automatic emails, and because these emails can be beautifully formatted and tailored with your customer's information, you can impress your customers with the quality of your communications.

See the status of a course at a glance lets you see the status of all the delegates on each course in a dashboard view:
  • The total number of enquiries and registrations
  • Information about the venue and pricing
  • Notes about the course
  • Names and roles of people involved in the course - e.g. the trainer
  • A list of delegates along with their contact details and any special requirements (e.g. dietary restrictions)
  • A list of the process steps completed for each delegate, and the date they were completed
  • Links to drill through to more detail - registration forms, notes and process history / audit trail.

The dashboard makes it easy to see whether preparations for the course have been completed, or which actions are outstanding.  It also gives your trainer a way to familiarise themself with the delegates before the course.

Course evaluations and follow-up

You can configure further process steps that occur during and after the course.  Typical usage scenarios are:
  • Quick test - test your delegates' knowledge periodically during the course so your trainer can adjust their approach to get the best results
  • Course evaluations - define an online course evaluation form, and send an email requesting delegates to complete it for you.
  • Notify when examination results are available - send a personalised email letting delegates know that their results are ready, and they can phone at their convenience.