Trainer update, forms enhancements, Topic generator and automation enhancements.

Release Date: 
Tuesday, December 8, 2015







Trainer document topic update


Now trainers can, via the trainer portal, update the document topics, this means that a trainer can mark a student's outcome. Currently this does NOT update process steps, eg sending statements of attainment. This will need to be done manually via the admin portal. To see this in action login into the trainer portal and view a course.

Quick updates by trainer of student progress

Multipage forms

Configuration Managers

Now include ability to have buttons at top and bottom of page (#2287), which can optionally be hidden by CSS. This can be combined with the multichoice radio field to create a quiz for students. It is possible to hide pages based on their Section ID, pages can have headers and footers, or no header nor footer. Hiding one page displays the next, if available, and the previous if the next is not available.

Wider range of forms and end-user experiences

Public display of list items

Website Designers

Can be altered based on the course categoryID, when for example listing online courses along side classroom based training it can be useful to alter the display, eg regarding location for e-learning courses that don't have a location.

Improved sales and user experience

Generating Course Date Topic and Document Topics manually

RTO Managers

This means that if you accidentally forget to populate your Course Dates with the topics or get the topics wrong and need them replaced you can refresh these manually. Be aware that this could overwrite your existing topics, and completion data might be lost.

Improved creation of AVETMISS data

PDF generator for certificates and invoices

Content designers

Has been updated - and the documentation now includes examples of automated certificates that can be created

Improved experience for students

Double password check


There is a new field that you can use to double check passwords, when you put this on the form it needs to include the same value as the standard password field to be submitted.

Improved user experience

Document export now includes the Process step ID


So that you can determine where students are at regarding their document workflow.

So you can filter by the specific step the student it at

Usernames and Passwords validation


Now you need to include 6+ characters in usernames and upper-case, lower-case, numbers and special characters in passwords. These are checked at signup and on the login add & edit pages for administrator users

More secure access

​Mandatory fields: extra conditions: Public & Private, Public or Private.

Form Designers

You can have a password that must be entered by a customer but, as it is then blank, it is not mandatory for the administrator (as was the case before this update). Public is all pages (including extranet, kiosk, student portal & trainer portal) except the administration portal, which is private.

Improved form handling and control

Prerequisite Process Steps

Workflow Automation Designers

It is now possible to specify a prerequisite process step on the process path for each process step. This means that if you do not want to trigger "Send a certificate" until a "USI Verified" is on the workflow history, this is now possible. There is also an alternative process step if the prerequisite is not met.

Control automation

​Small changes


Altered display of Format with Modules (#2165) Added more classes for mobile/tablet responsive screens: increments of 5% (#1932) Bulk change now has a 'tick all' option - that enables quicker selection of those courses you wish to change (#1704). Duplicate permissions are no longer allowed (#1379). Different CSS is now possible based on the FormId, giving greater control over the look and feel on a per form basis (#2264). Extranet forms are now responsive to mobile/tablets based on screen size (#2242). Customer instructions before payment can now be included as a variable in emails (#2283). Added a Web Services Activity report to the report index (#2279). Updated spelling, HTML, validation etc (#2272, #2306, #2344). Added status on advanced filter for export queue items (#2305) Fixed error when deleting export queue item (#2303). Added more years to display to choose the birthdate (#2289). Numerous performance enhancements (#2318). Silent dropping of data in currency creation has been fixed to be a validation (#2317). Fixed contact form validation when changing form (#2315) When adding new items from the course master they are automatically 'active' (#2314). Upgraded our architecture to Ubuntu 14.04 making use of new PHP versions and other performance and security enhancements. Updated AVETMISS databases (#2342) Moodle Plugin changes It is possible to update document topic form fields - when updating the document topic forms the field is updated on ALL forms. This means that ALL fields are marked 'competent' if configured to do so.