Trending topics

Along with the standard first aid course we have top or trending this month: Brain training, bookkeeping, aged care, midwifery and Napoleon makeup courses!

Topics that feature as top or trending are:

  • First aid training - topping the list again!
  • Training and Assessment
  • Brain training
  • Bookkeeping, aged care and midwifery
  • Napoleon makeup course
  • Security course
  • TAFE courses
  • Swimming lessons
  • Singing lessons
  • Driving lessons
  • Dance lessons

Background about trending topics

There are many issues with scanning the topics and search terms used by people when using Google or YouTube. 'Training' for example has many other uses such as training horses, training with weights and military training. So instead we try to narrow down the options by excluding specific terms, eg. -military -horses, or searching for specific phrases like 'training course' or completely different words like 'class'. We also have a list of specific words like 'microsoft training' and 'first aid classes' that can reveal insights into the current trends. If you have terms that describe your training organisation please let us know and we can watch out for trends.

Some news agents and content providers are known to use trending topics to target online articles, increasing visits to their pages but also meeting a need for information about a particular topic. When ricin was send to President Obama a spike in searches for 'ricin' would be expected, if you have a training course about the first aid response to poisons then it seems sensible for you to republish any pages to include the word 'ricin' (in context), for those who might want additional information. Of course, you must include that content in your training to fulfil the expectations of those who register.

Where we look for trending topics: