Using cameras in training

Camera have a ubiquitous presence in all environments since the popular use of smart phones. These can serve as a useful way to promote your courses and improve the learning environment.

So rather than "Please turn off your phones" perhaps you might be better off saying "Please turn on your phones". A prepared environment can mean you could get some great video footage to share online promoting your services via youtube or facebook. Video of trainers can be used to critique delivery, identifing areas for improvement. Students can use their phones to take a record of complex diagrams for later recall or as a quick note taking tool, perhaps to refer to while travelling home in the bus or train? Cameras are often used as an alternative to a photocopier for documents (using it as a scanner rather than physical paper), it could be used to record identity of those attending and enable group work to be quickly shared by sending a photograph to call attendees or encouraging them to take a copy themselves. For the more elaborate integration you could link photos to profiles or use to create ID cards or online discussion area profiles.

If you have examples of how you have used cameras or smart phones to improve the training experience or enable a better learning environment please let me know!

References: (these are written for school environments but may prove to be a good starting point for vocational education too)