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This describes the features included with the Multiple Trainers license.

This package suits a small organisation with multiple trainers, or one trainer who has assistance in the role of finance, sales or administration. You may also wish to modify and add emails to the automated workflow procedure.

You may have up to 50 courses scheduled at one time.

AUD $30 + GST
per month

(normally $32 + GST)

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Administration of courses and customers


An Event is a group of Course Dates that are managed together - usually because they form a curriculum or because they represent different ways of buying the course - for example with or without meals.

Course Dates

Course Dates are the courses you have scheduled, with start and end dates, a venue and pricing.

Inclusions with this license:

Includes the Recommended Retail Price fieldYes
Includes the Minimum Price fieldNo
Includes the Residential Price fieldNo
Includes the Course Cost fieldNo
Includes the Delegate Cost fieldNo


Documents hold the information captured from enquiries, registrations or other interactions you have with customers. Documents are usually created when a customer fills in a form on your web site. See also Fields and Forms which allow you to define the information captured on each Document.

Document Versions

Document versions provide a history of each Document so you can see which information has been changed, as well as who made the change and when it was made.


A status tracks the progress of a particular Course Date or Document in your business processes - see also Process Path. They can also record future actions that are required, such as a follow-up phone call.


Contacts and Qualifications


The Contact record allows you to record customer, supplier, business contacts and other contact information.

Contact History

The Contact History record allows you to keep historical information about customers, suppliers, business contacts or other contact information.

Contact Qualifications

The Contact Qualification record allows you to record the qualifications someone has achieved.


Content management library and web publishing


Options are a major part of configuring With options you can define office locations, course categories, file categories, place names, note types, information about course providers, and login roles. Some licenses let you define unlimited additional types of options.

Inclusions with this license:

Maximum number of branches (office locations)
Contact TypeNo
Course CategoryYes
Course LocationYes
Course ModuleNo
Course Price TypeNo
Course Provider
Maximum number of course providers
File CategoryYes
Note TypeYes
Tax Rule TypeNo
Web Site IndexNo

Course Masters

Course Masters are templates that make it fast and easy to list courses for sale. Course Masters also control certain settings for all the Course Dates attached to them - such as the Process Paths, Payment Group and Currency.


The format for a particular course. This can range from a brief description through to full details about timings and topics.


This is's content management system, letting you create content to be used on web pages and in emails. This includes course descriptions, course formats, course topics, emails, PDF layouts of Forms, terms and conditions and content for your web site.

Inclusions with this license:

Course DescriptionYes
Residential DescriptionNo
Maximum number of booking terms and conditions
Topic DescriptionNo
Web PageNo


Files are attachments that customers can download from your web site, or that are sent with automatic emails. These can include course outlines, study materials, course joining instructions etc.


This is where you publish information about the rooms your courses are held at. This can include their location which can be used on your web site to automatically display a map.


Automation tools and workflow definition

Process Steps

Process Steps are the stages a Course Date or Document can go through in your business processes.

Process Rules

Process Rules define which emails should be sent when automatically processing a particular Process Step.

Process Paths

Process Paths define workflows in - they list the particular Process Steps that your staff should follow when administering Course Dates or Documents. They also allow you to define which Forms your customers are shown on the web, and any forms your staff should fill-in when completing a Process Step.

Inclusions with this license:

Maximum number of course process paths (workflows)1
Maximum number of document process paths (workflows)1

Price Rules

Price Rules define how will automatically adjust the prices of Course Dates over time.


Form design and definition

Fields gives you control over what information you capture. Fields are used on Forms that either your customers fill out on your web site, or your staff fill out when they are completing a Process Step.

Forms Form Designer records defining the content and layout of online formsthat either your customers fill out on your web site, or your staff fill out when they are making updates. Once a Form has been designed it must be published to make it available to users.

Published Forms

Published Forms define the content and layout of online forms that either your customers fill out on your web site, or your staff fill out when they are making updates.


Catalog Items and Catalog Groups

Catalog Items

Catalog Items can be sold with courses, or used to manage discounts and surcharges.

Catalog Groups

A list of the Catalog Items you offer with a particular course.


Currencies, payment methods and tax rules


Currencies allow you to publish content about the currencies you price your courses in.

Inclusions with this license:

Maximum number of currencies1

Tax Rules

Tax Rules define how prices should appear on your web site.

Payment Methods

A payment method is a single means of payment, such as a credit card. allows you to define surcharges that will be included in the total price.

Inclusions with this license:

Maximum number of payment methods1

Payment Groups

A list of the Payment Types you accept for a particular course.

Inclusions with this license:

Maximum number of payment groups1


Common features offered across lots of areas in Course Sales


Relationships between records in - for example the roles people have in delivering a Course Date.


Notes allow you to keep track of incidental information about a record or customer. Notes can be attached to most types of records in


Downloads, Exports and AVETMISS

Export Maps

Maps information to fields in exported rcords.

Export Queue

Export Queue records keep track of information that is exported from


Configure users, permissions and preferences


Information about your organisation and preferences.


License to use


Logins provide the user administration functions in, including their username, password and timezone.


Permissions are used to define which information groups of users can see or update in


Services, audit trails, logs and help content


Services automatically update records in Course Sales.

Audit Trails

Audit Trails record who has created or updated records in, and when the update occurred.


Logs keep track of processing errors and help staff resolve issues for you.

Help Topics online help content. Some licenses allow you create your own documentation for your staff to refer to.