Sell 3rd Party Courses makes it easy to sell public course places on behalf of another training organisation. All courses are linked to a Provider, and you may list courses for as many different providers as you like. Courses delivered by other training organisations are listed, sold and administered using the same screens and features as your own courses would be. In fact your organisation does not need to deliver any courses of its own - can be used as a platform to sell entirely third party courses.

See list courses efficiently for more detailed information about how courses are scheduled and administered.

Add providers

It only takes a moment to add a new provider - just add the provider's name and contact details. After this one quick step you are ready to prepare the provider's course listings.

Add course descriptions for each provider

You may reuse existing course descriptions where they are applicable, or add new ones specific to the courses the provider offers. You may also come back and implement new course descriptions at any time.

You might also want to upload some files - such as PDF versions of the course descriptions using the file management system.

Add course templates for each provider

Each provider will have their own set of course templates - one for each variant of their courses. Remember, course templates are setup to make it quick and easy to add lots of courses at a time.

Add terms and conditions for each provider

You may use a default set of terms and conditions (these cover things like cancellations, transfers and substitutions), or implement terms and conditions specific to the provider. You may also implement variations on the terms and conditions for different courses.

Add venues

If the provider delivers their training at venues that are not already listed in then you may add them. You may also link to the venue's web site if you like.

List courses

Now you are ready to add courses in bulk. All you need is a list of dates and venues for each course type. lets you add multiple dates for each venue at a time, so it does not take long to create the listings - and of course this information goes straight on the web site and you are ready to sell.

Use automation to do the work for you can be configured to operate an automatic workflow spanning multiple external parties. One great thing about this feature is you can automatically reserve a place with a provider as soon as you receive a registration, and when the provider confirms they are holding a place can automatically let your customer know.


Think through the process you want to operate, implement it in and let do the work for you, 24 x 7.

These features mean you can avoid administrative effort and delay, be responsive because will react quickly even if you sales agent is doing other things, and focus on service and sales.

See what's going on

Powerful built-in capabilities to search - by course, by customer and process step make it easy to see what is going on. You can save favourite views, make them available to various roles in your organisation and return to them whenever you like.

You may also extract course listings and enquiry / registration listings for analysis in tools such as spreadsheets.

Notes and audit trails let multiple people collaborate on service and administration.

Bulk pricing change

Productivity tools, such as the bulk price change tool, make it easy to update the listings, and implement your pricing strategies.