Private courses lets you manage private (in house) courses in the same way that you manage public courses. All the same great administrative features are available, the big difference is that private courses will not show on your public web site.

See list courses efficiently for more detailed information about how courses are scheduled and administered.

Set a date

Private (in house) courses can be added and used in the same way as public courses, but they are marked as private so they will not appear on your public web site.

Add delegates

Delegates can be added using the course administrator's version of the registration form - this version does not automatically send emails to the delegates when they are registered.


Once the delegates are registered for the course you may interact with them just as you can with public delegates, including sending automated emails and keeping notes.

Business process

You may follow the same customer service process with private courses as you do with your public courses, or you may define your own process.