Pricing gives you control over how prices are displayed on your web site, and the freedom to manage discounts across the whole course or for particular customers.


Price in any currency

You may list courses in any currency just by selecting the currency from a list.

Offer several payment options

You may offer several payment options (e.g. electronic funds transfer, credit card, debit card, cheque, paypal etc), including online payment, and add new payment options easily. Payment options can vary by Sales Agent, so for example if you can easily have different payment options in different countries for example.

Manage applicable taxes

You may adjust how tax information displays on your web site according to each jurisdiction's rules. Typical usage scenarios are:
Your display requirement The result
Show tax exclusive price 1,200.50
Show tax exclusive price with custom text 1,200.50 before tax
Show price plus tax (the tax portion is calculated automatically by 1,200.50 + 123.50 sales tax
Show price including tax (the tax portion is calculated automatically by 1,324.00
Show price including tax with your own formatting rules USD $ 1,324.00 (including tax)

Price and margin

Each course date can have its own pricing with the following information:
Price field What it means
Our price The price at which a course place can be purchased (although discounts can be applied for account registrations, multiple registrations etc)
Recommended retail The price at which course places are usually sold (full price)
Minimum price An instruction to your Sales Agents - the lowest price at which they have discretion to sell course places
Cost price How much a course place costs to provide - this is used to indicate margin on sales
Residential price The price to purchase accommodation during the course (this can be zero if this option is not offered)

Discounting offers four forms of discounting:
  • Discount from recommended retail
    The price offered to all web site users is lower than the recommended retail. These courses also automatically show in the list of discounted courses - which is another way your customers can search for courses.
  • Discount with escalation
    The price offered to all web site users is lower than the recommended retail, and the site shows an expiry date for that price and an indication of how much the price will increase on that date. This feature can be used to encourage early sales.
  • Discount based on account arrangement or discount code
    The online registration form provides a field for users to enter a discount coupon code or the name of a customer account with its own discount agreement.
  • Per delegate discretionary discount makes it possible for your Sales Agent to negotiate a price with a particular customer and record this price along with any notes.

Analysis and reporting

You may extract information about the price course places have been sold at, and analyse it using software such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or your chosen reporting package. This openness makes it easy to produce custom reports - for example, what price course places sell at in each city; profitability by course type etc.

You may also save favourite extracts (e.g. a report on a particular country and Sales Agent) and re run them with one click whenever you wish to see the latest information.