Add courses easily

List courses efficiently uses templates to make it easy to list new course dates on your web site.  Each template records:

  • Which organisation offers the course
  • Which description to use when listing the course
  • The course format (number of days, instructor-led etc)
  • Which downloadable files to attach to the course listing on the web site
  • All default pricing information
  • Which Sales Agent will handle enquiries and registrations

Once a template has been setup, scheduling courses is just a matter of listing the dates and venues.  You can even add all the course dates for a particular venue in one step, and can handle hundreds of different types of courses and thousands of course dates.  Each date is automatically listed on the web site, and can be searched for, enquired on and registered. lets you enter information once, and then reuse it wherever you need to.  For example:

Course descriptions

Write a short and a long description for each type of course, with attractive layout and formatting (HTML) if you like, as well as diagrams and photographs, and reuse that content where appropriate on any of your course dates.

Course formats

Breakfast briefings, one day events, two-day conferences, every Tuesday for six weeks - there is a huge variety of ways in which courses are run. lets you describe the formats that are relevant to you, and reuse those formats when you list your courses. One great thing about this feature is that if you offer the same course content in two different formats, just write two course formats and reuse the course description you've already written (see Course descriptions above) on both courses.

Course venues

Document the venues you use - the address, web site link etc - then reuse that content for every course run at that venue.