Feature List

This page provides a run down of the features included with CourseSales.com.

Full sales and administration lifecycle

Feature   Notes
Manage sales and administration from go to whoa  

CourseSales.com supports the business process from the moment you schedule a course until after the course has run. It lets you schedule the course, take enquiries and registrations, distribute joining information and pre-course study, reminders, post-course evaluations or other steps you may require.

You may schedule a one-off half hour breakfast briefing, a week long course, or a sessions that runs for two hours from midnight every full moon for six months.

Flexibility to meet your needs now and as you grow

Feature   Notes
List a huge variety of courses   You may add as many groups, types and titles of courses as you need - for anything from courses on aardvark handling to the music of ZZ Top
Define your own business process  

You may lay out your own sales and service steps, and integrate personalised emails that extend a workflow out to not just your customers but your network of business partners too.

Our default override system let's you tailor your process so, besides your global defaults, particular course types can have their own:

  • sales and administration team
  • versions of personalised emails
  • registration terms and conditions
  • payment options
  • joining instructions and pre course study
  • evaluations
Tailor your content and communications  

You may define your own emails (with HTML - so you can produce a professional layout) which automatically picks up and send information from CourseSales.com

You may also publish content to describe your courses, again using HTML to produce the effect you want, and use this information on your web sites.

Add staff, and adjust roles  

You may add staff and define new and changed roles quickly and easily

Our role based approach to course templates, security and authorisation, and email addressing let you adjust CourseSales.com to suit your operation as things change


Feature   Notes
Many, many venues, cities, regions and countries   You may list course dates in several venues, in any city, in any country in the world - anywhere from Aachen to Zytkavicy
Price courses in local currencies   From Baht to Zloty
Display prices following local tax laws   Prices can be displayed using custom formatting and calculation of tax based on an applicable tax rate - and effective dating of rates lets you handle changes in rates over time
Various payment options   You may configure your own payment instructions - such as online, direct debit, credit cards, cheque etc.

Schedule and publish courses efficiently

Feature   Notes
Course templates make it easy to add new scheduled courses   Create a template to hold the default information for a course and then use that template to add new course dates in one simple step
Show CourseSales.com course schedules and other public web content on your public web site   CourseSales.com content can be integrated into your existing web site
Group related courses into events  

You may group related courses into one event, and then view registrations and status for the whole event together

e.g. if you have a five-day course, but the first three days can be taken as a course in its own right, group the courses into an event and manage the group as a whole. You can add as many courses as you like into an event.

Manage pricing and margin on a course by course basis   You may discount individual courses on the fly, and they will automatically appear in CourseSales.com generated discounted course pages you can include on your public web site

Efficient, virtual workplace

Feature   Notes
Paperless enquiries and registrations   Using CourseSales.com online enquiry and registration forms you can operate paperless processes, which means your staff can work anywhere they can connect to the Internet  
Automation and workflow   Define your own business process for the entire sales and administration lifecycle - e.g. enquiry, registration, invoicing, joining instructions, pre course study, pre-course reminder, testing, post course evaluation
Audit trail and notes   Notes are kept on records such as course templates, scheduled courses, enquiries, registrations. Process step notes on enquiries and registrations record who made each update, the timestamp and any notes they made.
To do lists  

Process steps can be deferred to a later time, or assigned to another person, using Next Action assignments - which each have a specific due date

Project a professional image

Feature   Notes
Publish course category descriptions, descriptions of specific courses, downloadable documents and news to your web site.   You may write content such as course descriptions and formats once and reuse that content across course dates, venues and course providers
Write content once, use it many times   You may write content such as course descriptions and formats once and reuse that content across course dates, venues and course providers
Define your own email communications, incorporating web style formatting and information from CourseSales.com  

Create as many email templates as you need

Link them to your business process with Customer Events, adding variants by course provider, course type and title as you need.

Use information from CourseSales.com - such as customer contact information, course schedule and venue informationto personalise and tailor emails.

Use HTML to produce a professional appearance.