Automation includes powerful features that you can use to minimise manual work. It offers self documenting processes supported by its own workflow and automation features.

Process Automation

In the section on Customer experience you saw how you could define your own work process. Process Automation functionality links those Process Steps to actions that will take when one of your staff advances an enquiry or registration to a particular step.

Each Process Step can be linked to one or more actions. A typical usage scenario for when a customer has paid for their course is:

  • Send a personalised email to the delegate confirming their place on the course, and providing joining instructions specific to the course as well as any electronic pre course reading
  • Send an email instructing the printer to send a joining pack to the customer's delivery address

We call this a self-documenting process because when your staff advance the Process Step the actions take place automatically, and a record of who made the change, when they made it and any notes they entered are all stored for future reference. There is no disconnect between the status in and the actions taken - as there can be in more manual environments.

Generic Emails

Also in the section on Customer experience you saw how you can define your own communications, including a wealth of information incorporated from that can be used to personalise the emails. Emails triggered by Process Automation can be personalised with more than 100 items of information:
  • An enquiry or registration - including customer and invoicing information such as names, addresses, email address, phone numbers
  • A Course Date - including the name of the course, the date it will be held, pricing details and the course description
  • Details about the course provider
  • Details about the sales agent
  • The full address of the venue
  • Files (either linked or attached) - including a PDF of the registration or other files linked to the course

Emails can be addressed to the:

  • Customer
  • Invoicing contact
  • Sales agent
  • Course Provider
  • Anyone linked to the course, e.g.
    • Trainer
    • Administrator
    • Printer
    • Venue contact
    • Caterer
    • Travel agent

Auto Workflow

Emails can include one or more links that trigger a automated workflow. When the recipient of the email clicks one of these special links a response is sent to the that will automatically advance the Process Step for the relevant enquiry or registration. Typical usage scenarios are:

  • Send an email to a customer with joining instructions, and ask them to confirm receipt of the joining pack sent separately by courier - when they click the link the Process Step is automatically set to Joining Pack Received
  • Send an email to a third party course provider asking if a place is available on a particular course:
    • If they click yes then automatically set the Process Step to indicate a place is available, and automatically send an email to the customer confirming that a place is available and inviting them to register
    • If they click no then automatically set the Process Step to indicate a place is not available, and send an email to the sales agent so they know to look for an alternative course to offer the customer

This powerful feature lets handle routine situations, leaving your staff to focus on the exceptions and other work.