Less administration

CourseSales.com is designed to reduce administrative overhead when selling and running face-to-face training courses. It uses the airline booking model of end-to-end web based delivery issuing 'e-tickets' to delegates, allowing credit card or invoice based payment mechanisms. Emails are automatic and incorporated workflow management is sophisticated enough to ensure you never miss a process step.

How much time do you spend on training administration? What do you spend that time on? Take a guess and see if these figures match yours:

Time spent (minutes) Task
15 Entering the delegates details into a spreadsheet or booking management system
10 Sending emails or printing and sending letters that confirm the registration or booking
15 Sending the invoice and taking payment
30 Packing and sending of pre course reading
10 Printing and sending joining instructions, reminding delegates of the course approaching and confirming they have directions etc.
10 Talking to delegates on the phone
10 Chasing payment
15 Phoning or sending evaluation forms, sending certificates of attendance or releasing examination results.


The total time spend with one registration could conservatively put at one hour and 55 minutes. If the delegate wishes to transfer, cancel or postpone their place on the training event (occurs at least 10% of the time) then it could take an additional 10-30 minutes. That means that a course with 10 delegates takes nearly 20 hours of administration to organise. At $25 per hour that is $500 of effort to administer a course.

What options do you have to reduce these costs?

  • Set up template emails, mail merges and out sourcing of specific efforts, eg, sending joining pack
  • Reduce the effort spent by not issuing certificates, do not send emails or evaluation forms.

Each of these relies on knowledge of the bespoke system, templates still contain customised information and are sent to each individual manually, not as a group nor sent without customisation.

If you are faced with this dilemma then consider the CourseSales.com software where:

  • The customer enters all personal details directly into your system
  • Emails are automatically sent, personalised to the delegate and specific event, immediately confirming the booking based on actual availability
  • Taking payment can be an immediate and seamless part of the registration process
  • Upon confirming payment (or any other trigger) an email is sent automatically to a third party logistics organisation of your choice instructing them to print and despatch a joining pack
  • Sending personalised joining instructions was a straight forward as selecting that step from the steps in the procedure.

CourseSales.com provides this and more - our aim is efficiency and consistency.